Student Support

Disability Support Services

The goal of the Disability Support Services is to ensure that no student with a disability experiences an educational disadvantage in accessing, fully participating in and benefiting from educational opportunities at TU Dublin. Services include:

  • Blanchardstown: The Student Services Office provides a broad range of supports for students and aims to offer both advice and practical assistance in a wide variety of circumstances. It is a completely confidential service and is free to all registered students and staff are available to meet with any student who is experiencing individual difficulties. The Student Services Office is located on the ground floor of the Connect Building; opening hours are 9.00am-5.00pm. Click here to make an appointment with the Student Services Team or call 01 885 1014.

    The National Learning Network (NLN) Educational Support Service provides support to TU Dublin students on Blanchardstown Campus with both academic and personal needs that may arise during their college year. By referral from the Student Services Office, it aims to provide a holistic, inclusive and psychologically-based service. It recognises that student wellbeing is intertwined with their academic experiences. The team includes educational psychologists and assistant psychologists, as well as access to an occupational therapist.

  • City Campus: The goal of the City Centre Disability Support Services is to ensure that any student with a disability does not experience an educational disadvantage in accessing, fully participating in, and benefiting from, educational opportunities at TU Dublin city centre. To avail of our support during your studies, please register with our service.
  • Tallaght: The Tallaght Disability Service provides support to students registered with a disability; the aim is to ensure all students can fully participate in the available educational opportunities and achieve their learning goals.  If you have a diagnosed disability, learning difficulty or a medical or mental health condition that interferes with your education, you can avail of this support. To do so please register with the Tallaght Disability Service.