Group of students talking on campus outside

Photos and Quotes

Young Creators Programme 2023

The workshop was “extremely successful. It is the first event where no kids were bored” … “There are many events that don’t live up to their expectations but, quite evidently, all of our students thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The talks on the culinary arts and music blocks in the college were also brilliant, not too long, very interesting and kept the students engaged.”

“Our students had a fantastic experience on campus and teachers and students were very impressed by the facilities and resources.”

"Thank you so much again for everything - they're all still on a high!.... If you ever have any other programmes we would love to be a part of it - it was a fantastic experience!" 

It has been an amazing experience for the girls and one that they did thoroughly enjoy, especially given the win yesterday which gave not only them but the school itself a great boost.”