Huawei Tech4her Scholarships

Huawei Tech4her Scholarships

TU Dublin is the largest provider of computer science graduates in Ireland, and among the largest in Europe. Delivering 20% of the national talent pipeline to a key area of skills shortage in the state, our strength in computer science is complemented by a collaborative, inclusive, and global approach to education, research, and innovation. Industry partnership is central to supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce in the Technology sector.

The Huawei Tech4her Scholarships at TU Dublin demonstrate Huawei’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech sector. The scholarships recognise 8 students with a financial award of €3,000 each and the opportunity to engage with employees from Huawei to learn about career paths and skills for work in the tech sector.

The 2021/2022 programme is now open for applications. Deadline for receipt of applications is October 22nd.

Learn more and apply for the 2021/2022 Huawei Tech4Her Programme.

Tech4her Scholarships

The 2020/2021 Huawei Tech4Her scholarships were awarded to:

Deepti Balasubramaniam MSc Computer Science
Kelly Luu BSc Computer Science International - 3rd year
Erifeoluwa Jamgbadi BSc Computer Science International - 3rd year
Allyanna Riyann Cruz BSc Computer Science International - 3rd year
Dominika Adamczewska BSc Computer Science (Hons) - 1st year
Khsuhboo Jayan BSc Computer Science (Hons) - 1st year
Christina Vargka BSc Computer Science International - 1st year
Ida Frimpong Bamfi BSc Computer Science (Hons) - 2nd year