Mont Kavanagh Awards

mont-logoMont Kavanagh Awards

The Dublin School of Architecture is pleased to announce that the 2020-2021 Mont Kavanagh Scholarships and Awards for Architecture and Architectural Technology are now open for applications. Please complete this form to apply. The winners will be announced at the online Dublin School of Architecture end of year event on Friday 11 June 2021.

Submissions for the Mont Kavanagh Scholarships and Awards will be open from the 21st of May, and will close on Friday 4th of June. Applicants must submit a written statement outlining why they think they deserve to win. There is no requirement to submit a portfolio of work and the awards will be made based on the written submission in combination with performance over the year.

The Mont Kavanagh Scholarship for Architecture is open to current first year students of Architecture and Architectural Technology who have not only demonstrated academic achievement in their first year but have also shown that they truly value and appreciate their learning experience. The award panel looks for students who have gone above and beyond both in the class and also extra-curricular activities. Each Scholarship is valued at a total of €2,500 with the scholarship payments spread annually across subsequent years of study. Applicants must have a high level of academic achievement with a record of extracurricular engagement with Architecture or Architectural Technology.

The Mont Kavanagh Award for Architecture and Architectural Technology is open to final year students of Architecture and Architectural Technology. The Award aims to celebrate and recognise commitment, talent and academic excellence. It also aims to recognise a high-achieving ‘one to watch’ graduate who will make their mark in the world of Architecture. The Mont Kavanagh Award is valued at €2,500. All applicants must have demonstrated excellence in academic work as well as extra-curricular activities/engagement.

Mont Kavanagh led Hardwicke Property Group for almost twenty years and was widely recognised as both an industry leader and a pioneer in the development of modern office accommodation in Dublin through the 1960s and 1970s. Following his untimely death, the Mont Kavanagh Trust was established in his honour to seek to promote through educational endeavour real estate sciences, architecture and the visual arts.

Four talented students of Architecture and Architectural Technology were recognised for their work by the Mont Kavanagh Trust in partnership with TU Dublin Foundation last year. Orna Hanley, Head, Dublin School of Architecture, presented the awards at an online celebration held in June 2020.

More information can be found on the Dublin School of Architecture page.

The winners of the Mont Kavanagh Awards in 2020 were:

Architectural Technology
Final Year Award: Klaudia Mroz
First Year Scholarship: Killian Markey

Final Year Award: Adam McLoughlin
First Year Scholarship: Alex Dillon

Fine Art
Final Year Award: Michelle Malone
First Year Scholarship: Keely McLavin