Student Support Fund

TU Dublin Student Support Fund

The effects of the pandemic have been dramatic and widespread. In 2020, when government restrictions forced a total restructuring of how TU Dublin’s programmes and services were delivered, it quickly became clear that many of our students were facing social, emotional, financial and educational barriers like never before as a direct result.

Student Support Appeal

While the pandemic has been life changing for so many in our society, it has also shown the best of us. It has proven beyond doubt that we are better together, and none of us are safe until we are all safe. That is why, TU Dublin President, Professor David FitzPatrick, in conjunction with TU Dublin Foundation, launched the annual Student Support Appeal. Each year the appeal will raise funds through the generous support of TU Dublin staff, alumni and friends to create a fund that directly addresses identified student need.

To get involved please read about how you can support our Student Support Appeal.

Student Support Grants

The fund established through the appeal allows for Student Support Grants to be made available to initiatives supporting all students, from apprentices and part-time to mature and international students. The grants will fund programmes and projects across all TU Dublin campuses that address challenges faced by our student groups as a result of Covid 19 and the recovery from it.

Are you a TU Dublin staff member with an idea that can help students in need? Learn more about Student Support Grants.

The Student Support Appeal and the Student Support Grants are administered by TU Dublin Foundation, on behalf of the President. Contact us by email at: