To get access to publish public calendars, please raise a ICT ticket with the business reason why this is required.If you use only Office365 products you should request approval for a public Outlook Calendar. If you require other public products, e.g. forms, you may request approval for a public Google Calendar.Once access has been approved, you will be notified. When publishing a calender it is recommended to publish a shared calender.

Outlook 365 Calendar
  • Select your shared calendar. Please note sharing your personal TU Dublin calendar is discouraged
    for security reasons, to avoid sharing of personal data. 
  • Select permissions: you can specify the level of details published. Right-click on the calendar then choose Share > Publish This calendar or you can sign in your Outlook Web > Settings > Calendar > Options > Calendar > Calendar publishing. 
  • Click on “save”. You will be shown two links, one is HTML link, another one is ICS link. 
  • HTML link: others can view your calendar in web browser. 

In Outlook Web Select Settings / View all Outlook Settings  

Set the Permissions and Publish your Calendar

Select your Shared Calendar and Select view when Busy and Publish 

It is recommended to set your calender only to view when i'm busy as per below.This will show only the time of items on your calendar. This is recommended calendar setting for client meetings.

Publish URL with an Iframe 

When publishing your URL you need an inline frame which is used to embed another document within the HTML document. 


Example 1 

<p>Shared Calendar Name:</p> 

<p><iframe src="ENTER_IN_YOUR_URL" width="100%" height="400"> </iframe></p> 


Complete Iframe example 

<p>Shared Calendar Name:</p> <p><iframe src="" width="100%" height="400"> </iframe></p> 


For more information see this video how to embed outlook Calendar 


How to Publish to T4 

In terminal 4, navigate to where you want to publish your calendar. 

Click Under content tab  


In the main body of the content \ Select tools \ Source code 



Paste in your iframe which will include your Calendar URL 



How to Publish your Google Workspace Calendar