Solistice Pod

Solstice Pod enables multiple users to wirelessly connect and share content from laptops and mobile devices to the display in this room, fostering collaboration. First time users should follow the instructions below to get the Solstice app, connect, and begin sharing.



Using the Solistice App

1.Ensure you are connected to the WiFi network. Open a web browser on your device and browse to the IP address displayed on the TV screen, for example: Use On screen Key When Prompted.



2.The SHARE panel appears upon connection. Share content by using the whole desktop, a single app or send a media file (video or image) to those connected. To include System Audio toggle button when prompted after sharing our screen.


3.The LAYOUT panel is used to move/control shared posts on the display. You can queue & hide content on the left before sharing. From here there is the option to disconnect a user.


Use your phone in the same way. With the ADDED draw function and cameras

Don’t have the app yet? Search for Solstice (by Mersive Inc) in your app store