IT Security Policies

IT Security Policies  

In order to fulfil its mission, TU Dublin provides access to a wide range of ICT facilities and services to all of our students and staff. Use of these facilities is subject to adherence with National and EU laws & regulations, as well as a number of policies, codes of practise, and license agreements, as set down by TU Dublin and other service providers to higher education

The TU Dublin IT Security policies are an important element in helping to protect the privacy of our students and staff, and anyone who has entrusted us with their data. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all users to familiarise themselves with the policies set out below, and to ensure their activities are not in breach of the provisions contained within.

Please note: All DIT-branded policies are in the process of being updated for TU Dublin. While this is on-going, all policies listed below will continue to be adhered to. If you have any questions in relation to this, or you wish to raise an IT security concern, you can do so by contacting the TU Dublin City Campus ICT Support Desk


 Policy name  

 Date approved 

 Approval Body  

 TU Dublin Acceptable Usage Policy  06/02/2019  TU Dublin Governing Body
 TU Dublin Information Security Policy  06/02/2019  TU Dublin Governing Body
 Payment Card Security  27/02/2018  SLT Campus Development
 Patching policy  25/07/2017  SLT Campus Development
 Password policy  25/07/2017  SLT Campus Development

 IT Security Exception policy

       - IT Security Exception request form

 25/07/2017  SLT Campus Development
 Server Security


 SLT Campus Development
 Business continuity management and planning  02/07/2009  TU Dublin Senior Leadership Team  
 Information handling  02/07/2009  TU Dublin Senior Leadership Team
 System management  02/07/2009  TU Dublin Senior Leadership Team
 Network Management  02/07/2009  TU Dublin Senior Leadership
 Mobile computing  02/12/2010  TU Dublin Senior Leadership
Cryptography  02/12/2010  TU Dublin Senior Leadership
 Identity & Access Management policy  19/12/2017  SLT Campus Development
 Remote Access Policy  22/11/2018  SLT Campus Development
Third Party ICT Access Policy  22/11/2018

 SLT Campus Development

 External Data Hosting Questionnaire v1.3  10/06/2021

 TU Dublin Governing Body