Blanchardstown Student IT Services

As a student of TUDublin you are entitled to the use of a wide range of services including email, WiFi, print services, software and much more. You also have access to various services provided by HEAnet such as eduroam WiFi access.

Working Remotely

The helpdesk will continue to support students in the coming year, below is the process that will be used to contact the help desk:

  • Student contacts the helpdesk via email
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnosis take place by email or over the phone
  • Remote tools used where applicable to resolve the issue.
  • Most Issues can be resolved in this way however some issue may require an appointment with a member of the service desk onsite on the Blanchardstown Campus
  • Student will book an appointment at
  • They will receive a booking confirmation email from Booking system to their email account
  • Student attends their appointment on site in F Block reception in Blanchardstown Campus at their allocated time.
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnosis will take place.
  • Issue resolved
  • If the issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner, the issue may be escalated to a 3rd party in the case of physical damage to a hardware device.