Top CAO Tips from TU Dublin

Published: 21 Jan, 2021

CAO applications for 2021 college places opened in November, with the Change of Mind facility due to open on Friday, 5 February at Noon.

It's CAO Time

CAO time is always stressful, but members of the Leaving Certificate class of 2021 are in a unique situation, so we recommend that students get their application early to avoid the added stress. Some students may have already decided what they're going to study, but don't worry, you still have plenty of time to make your up your mind. Applying by 1 February will ensure you're registered on the CAO system. Over the next few months, you can consider all the various options available more closely.

Do Your Research

Students succeed in university because they researched their options thoroughly and picked the right course for them. There is still plenty of time, so spend the next couple of days reviewing each of your choices carefully. Don't rely just on the names of programmes  – you'll get a better understanding of what a course is about by reading a synopsis, what modules are covered, and what the learning outcomes are. The TU Dublin CAO Hub is a one-stop-shop for anyone considering undergraduate study at TU Dublin with information about all of our campuses, disciplines and student life at TU Dublin.

Level 8 is great, but don't forget level 6 and 7!

You may feel confident that you will get the points for your favourite course, but the demand and therefore the points could still go up. Our advice is to look at Level 6/7 programmes in similar subjects so that you have more options available once CAO offers issue next summer.  If you decide to accept an offer for Level 6/7, you can use that as your pathway to an honours degree later on.

Don't be afraid to ask for advice

If you've been mulling over whether to change your preferences on the CAO, you might benefit from talking to someone else about it. Your school guidance counsellor or a teacher may be available to speak with you, and your parents and friends are also good people to bounce ideas off.

You will also find lots of interviews with our students and lecturers discussing the broad range of subjects on offer from TU Dublin on our CAO Hub.