A licensed classroom polling tool for TU Dublin


Vevox is a new and licensed classroom polling tool available to all TU Dublin staff. It can be used in both the virtual classroom and in the face-to-face classroom.

Classroom polling is typically used to increase engagement, check on understanding and build a sense of community.  And sometimes just to create some fun :) Vevox allows you to put quick MCQs to your students, create word clouds, get instant qualitative and anonymous feedback and much more.

Vevox provide extensive support resources on their helpsite: 

Vevox have a bank of constantly updated resources

Specific resources:

Getting started with Vevox: 13 minute video that gives a full introduction to Vevox

Using Vevox in Powerpoint: Find out how to download the Vevox add-in for PPT, and run Vevox polls from within PPT

All TU Dublin staff can avail of the institutional Vevox licence


  • If you are already logged into your TU Dublin Office account you will get a message saying "Your organization TU Dublin already has a Vevox account".


  • When you see this message click on the "Request Access" button


vevox access

Vevox offer chat support on their website - 24/7 chatbot support is available, with transfer to a live support specialist during normal working hours

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