Quality Framework

The TU Dublin Quality Framework is currently being developed and will encompass all academic quality assurance and enhancement processes, and the underpinning policies and regulations. It will also include guidelines, resources and training support for all stakeholders, such as lecturers, programme coordinators, external examiners, panel members and so on.

In April 2020, Academic Council approved a set of 8 principles that will underpin the Framework. The development of the Framework is being managed by Academic Affairs and is informed by QQI guidelines, European Standards & Guidelines, national and international best practice, evaluating current process and engagement with stakeholders.

All draft documents are circulated to all staff for review and feedback. When updated based on that feedback, the documents are circulated to Academic Boards and other University committees and functions for further review and feedback. The documents are subsequently updated and submitted to the Academic Quality Assurance & Enhancement Committee for review and feedback, before final versions are submitted to Academic Council for approval. Draft documents and the feedback received are available for staff on the Staff Intranet at Academic Quality Framework.

Until new quality assurance and enhancement processes are approved by Academic Council, we will continue to apply the Academic Quality Assurance systems of the three founder institutions (found below). However, a full suite of new quality assurance and enhancement processes, defined within the Quality Framework, will be fully implemented in the 2022/2023 academic year with the establishment of the new Faculty structure.

The following new quality enhancement processes have been approved by Academic Council:

Collaborative Provision

As mentioned above, these processes will only be fully implemented when the new Faculty Structures are in place in September 2022. However, aspects of these new processes will be implemented in this academic year where possible. Academic Affairs will provide more information to all stakeholder as new processes are approved and implemented.

These regulations will be superseded by the TU Dublin Quality Framework once it has been approved and adopted.

Placement of TU Dublin Major Awards on the National Framework of Qualifications

All TU Dublin awards have been placed at their appropriate level on the NFQ and their award types are in accordance with the national framework. Find details here: 

Placement of TU Dublin Major Awards on the National Framework of Qualifications