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As an individual lecturer, use these resources to get started quickly with assessing online.

If you would like assistance with changing assessment practices at a module or programme-wide level, then please email to arrange a consultancy.

Setting Assignments and delivering Feedback - including how to facilitate open book exams through Brightspace

The assignment tool in Brightspace allows you to create a dedicated space to which your students can upload and submit their work. You can annotate their individual submissions, provide an overall comment and grade. You can also provide audio/video feedback very easily.

Facilitating open book exams: use the assignment tool to make the exam paper available for download, and accept subsequent submissions. Dates and times can be set to control availability. The submitted documents can be downloaded for correction, or marked within Brightspace using either a Rubric or the Brightspace inline marking tools.

Quizzes / MCQs / Objective Testing in Brightspace

Quizzes can be used for both summative and formative assessment - they are a great way of gauging your students' progress and can also help with engagement.

Grading Discussions

You may be using discussion boards with your students to support student engagement or to facilitate peer-to-peer learning.  These discussions and individual students' contributions to the discussions can be assessed within Brightspace.

Guide (Printable): Assessing Discussions in Brightspace

Setting up your Brightspace Gradebook

The Brightspace gradebook is a powerful tool to manage assessment in your module. It is not essential to use the Gradebook to make feedback or grades available to your students (students can also access these directly through the assignment and quiz tool).

Alternatives to In-Class Presentations

Brightspace and Bongo offer a range of tools to facilitate the delivery of group and individual presentations by students.

Grading with Rubrics

Rubrics are used as a means of grading assessments in a fair and transparent manner. TU Dublin lecturers who have switched to using Rubrics for assessment are extremely positive about their use.

Using Urkund/Ouriginal plagiarism checker in Brightspace

Urkund (now called Ouiginal) checks student assignment submissions for plagiarism with a veiw to encouraging orginal writing and adherence to academic conventions concerning referencesand quotations.

Guide (printable): Using Urkund/Ouriginal plagiarism checker