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Teaching in Brightspace

Resources to help you get started with teaching online

As an individual lecturer, use these resources to get started quickly with online teaching.

If you would like assistance with developing a fully online module, or a programme-wide initiative, then please email to arrange a consultancy.

How to deliver a webinar

Webinars allow you to teach your students in a live online environment where you can present a lecture/PowerPoint, and where your students can interact with you and their classmates. A webinar is the best online alternative to a traditional lecture. A webinar/virtual classroom tool (Bongo) is available to all TU Dublin City Campus staff via Brightspace.

General advice:

Bongo/Brightspace-specific advice and instructions

More help? See for training sessions and also Drop-In sessions - the VLE tutors will be happy to help you get going with webinars/online teaching at any Drop-In session, and can help check the audio settings on your laptop if necessary.

Pre-recording your lecture using Bongo

There a number of different ways of pre-recording your lecture, and then making that recording available to your students via Brightpace (And of course you can always deliver a live webinar as outlined above and then make that recording available subsequently - the instructions below specifically cover making the recording without any students in attendance).


Screencasting software allows a lecturer to create a recording (video and audio) of any activity performed on a computer screen.  You could, for example, prepare a short video guiding your students around your Brightspace module; or demonstrate a particular piece of software; or explain a particularly difficult concept using powerpoint.

  • Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recorder that captures all movement on your screen making it easy for you to create content for online delivery or to pre-record lectures and TU Dublin has purchased licences. Access this document to find out how to create your Screencast-O-Matic account and use this straightforward software.

General guides to screencasting:

Communicating effectively online with your students

You communicate with your face-to-face (f2f) students on a constant basis, it comes naturally.  However, when working online with your students you need different strategies.

Guide (printable): Communicating effectively online with your students

Facilitating your students to work together online

Bongo, the webinar/virtual classroom tool available in Brightspace, also offers a very useful set of groupwork tools. The Bongo group project tools can be used to allow your students to:

  • learn collaboratively
  • share and discuss work in progress
  • chat asynchronously
  • schedule virtual meetings, and make recordings of those meetings
  • upload individual and group video presentations
  • set and manage project milestones
  • team, peer and self-evaluate.

Guide (Video): Instructors - how to set up, monitor, and grade a group project/assignment using Bongo group project tools