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Round One Call - January 2021

1 Building Multi-Stories:  Embedding the library services for inclusive teaching and learning in a diverse curriculum A year three Business module, Diversity in the Workplace, will use the issue of diversity in resourcing to underpin the development of information literacy skills in students, inculcating awareness of the concept of knowledges. Lindsay Dowling, Fionnuala Darby
2 Online Interactive Design Workshop for Female Students in Technology Programmes in TU Dublin Online interactive design two hour workshop in which students currently studying in technology programmes in TU Dublin (across all campuses) work on a series of design challenges in breakout teams which would comprise of lecturers and industry representatives. Michelle Looby, Jane Hanratty, Marie Armstrong, Mary Looby, Katherine Looby, Susan Lynott, Karen Fitzgerald, Ann Marie McKeon.
3 Traveller Representation in the Early Childhood Education and Care Programme in TU Dublin This project will focus on internal and external issues regarding Traveller visibility in the TU Dublin Blanchardstown ECEC programme Colette Murray, and 4th year students ECEC programme
4 Finding a space for diversity, equity and inclusion in the School of Surveying and Construction Management. Creating a physical space in the School to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. The proposal is for a noticeboard on the School’s floor with a featured artwork to promote the objectives and encourage participation in the newly formed group Frank Harrington
5 Developing a positive and confident entrepreneurial leadership (part of a major PhD research project: “An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Lived Experiences of Women Entrepreneurs when Interacting with Government Support Agencies in Ireland) The aim of this project is to discuss issues of entrepreneurial identity and leadership from the perspective of women entrepreneurs Edicleia Oliveira
Second Round Call - March 2021

6 A Mapping of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Ireland The study is seeking to analyse the distinctive challenges endured by immigrants in Ireland when seeking to start their own business and what supports should be offered by policymakers, enterprise support agencies and other stakeholders to enable foreign nationals to maximise their economic and social potential. Thomas Cooney (Centre for Minority Entrepreneurship)
7 The Development of an Anti-Racism Placement Training Resource A whole programme approach to co-creating an anti-racist teaching and learning environment with students. Community Development and Youth Work Le Chéile Team: Bríd Ní Chonaill, Mairéad Cluskey, Sheila Coyle, Liam McGlynn, Garreth Smith, Georgina Lawlor, Noirin Macnamar
8 AT for All- Enhancing and Supporting an Assistive Technology Resource for TU Dublin The community of practice leaders are seeking to extend the physical elements of this resource to language support elements, extend its website support for a second year and to showcase the activity and work of the group in an event in December 2021. Catherine Deegan
9 Successful transitions: Enhancing Social support for students from minority groups. This project is designed to facilitate the development of effective social support mechanisms for students from minority groups, as they make the transition to TU Dublin. Lavinia McLean and David Gaul
10 Diversity and Inclusion in Politics. We would like to increase awareness within the University of the need for diversity of representation in our government and the value of the student voice. Siobhán Enright, Lecturer and Sean Clarke, Megan Kelly, Rosie Murray and Mia Roe (Year 2 Creative Digital Media Students)
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