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Reporting Harm or Discrimination

Reporting Harm or Discrimination

All members of the University Community have the right to study and work in an environment free from all forms of bullying and harassment including racism, sexual misconduct, homophobia and transphobia.

Students, employees and visitors to TU Dublin can report harm or discrimination via:

This is an online anonymous reporting tool available for students and staff, to disclose incidents of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, hate crime, coercive behaviour/control, stalking, assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape.

Speak Out Anonymous Reporting Tool

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The Speak Out reporting tool is completely anonymous.  TU Dublin has no way to identify or contact any member of the university community who uses the tool.  The tool will help you to find information and contact details on relevant supports and specialist external supports. 
Please report one incident, or series of related incidents at a time.  This is to ensure that we can understand the nature of your experience.

For Staff

The Dignity and Respect Policy and Procedures are in place to prevent bullying, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace.

For Students

The Student Dignity and Respect Policy and Procedures are in place to prevent bullying, harassment and sexual harassment. east quad entrance birds eye view


Internal Supports



  • TU Dublin offers its employees and families an Employee Assistance Service (EAS) which is a free and confidential counselling and information service operated by Spectrum Life. The service is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per annum. To avail of the service, please contact Spectrum Life as follows: 
    • Freephone: 1800 814 243
    • Email: eap@spectrum.life
    • Text: 'hi' 087 369 0010

External Supports