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Established in June 2020, RINCE is a centre of excellence in innovative research and practice on equality, diversity and inclusion. It provides a TU Dublin-wide focus for interdisciplinary research in the EDI field. Its core aim is to generate a transformative impact in and beyond higher education, addressing persistent inequalities from an intersectionality perspective. RINCE’s activities focus on:

  • the production and facilitation of leading research and practice in the EDI field;
  • the provision of support to organisations in both the public and the private sectors in their advancement towards equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • the promotion of learning and knowledge exchange at local, national and international levels.

The interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and intersectional nature of RINCE’s activities makes it an attractive centre for visiting and full-time research students (M.Phil./Ph.D.) and scholars across the humanities, social sciences, health and natural sciences, and STEM fields. Please contact our core staff and Affiliates for more information on opportunities for student supervision and other research exchanges (see ‘Contact Us’).

Other general inquiries related to RINCE can be forwarded to


Yvonne Galligan (Director)

Sara Clavero (Deputy Director)

Niamh Gorman

Alicja Bobek

Caitriona Delaney


Affiliates to RINCE are full-time and part-time staff members at TU Dublin. Their role involves:

  1. Advocating for RINCE and its activities.
  2. Collaborating with RINCE’s team around research student supervision and exchanges.

A link to our full list of affiliates and their research/practice interests is available here.

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