Women in Engineering, IT and Apprenticeships with Dairine Frawley, EirGrid, Mairead O'Leary, SAP, Martha Kinch, ESB and Amy Rowe, Mastercard

15 Dec, 2020

What exactly are industry skills and why are they so important? How can young women develop them in order to prepare for the future professional world? Our four panellists spoke about the role of work placements, summer internships and apprentice-ships in the development of industry skills and their careers.


Therese Fitzgerald

Opening Speaker

Mykie Northridge, 3rd Year Apprentice/Access to Apprenticeship Graduate


  • Dairine Frawley (EirGrid)
  • Mairead O'Leary (SAP)
  • Martha Kinch (ESB)
  • Amy Rowe (Mastercard)

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