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27 May, 2021 4pm
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Panel B: ‘Thinking Human First’ TU Sofia May 2021

‘Thinking Human First’ May 27th 4pm (5pm CET) hosted by TU Sofia.

The focus of this discussion is on the quality of interpersonal relationships in the context of social media. Important factors to be taken into consideration are the patterns of behaviour projected in cyberspace and which “colonize“ the human cognitive world with outer content, manipulation, idealization or omnipresent commercial messages.

To what extent they reproduce the preconditions for emotional alienation and difficulties in maintaining full value relationships, despite the advantages of digital communication, it is the question of analysis. It is an attempt to clarify the benefits and harms of online communication and explore new forms (or ways) of the emotional experience of the technologically engaged individual to offer opportunities for the prevention of counterproductive influences.

Join the seminar here.