New Academic Publication on the benefits of elder care co-operatives in Ireland

Published: 13 Dec, 2022

Dr Gerard Doyle, lecturer at TU Dublin Environment and Planning, part of the School of Architecture, Building and Environment, has published a paper outlining how co-operatives can contribute significantly to addressing the difficulties that most Irish people encounter in securing quality long-term care in Ireland.

Co-operatives can facilitate older people to exercise a greater level of control over their care, particularly in a residential setting. This contributes to improved well-being for older people receiving care from co-operatives.

Co-operatives can also provide an environment for workers to gain far superior conditions than their counterparts employed in investor-owned enterprises (also referred to as capitalist enterprises).

Doyle, G. (2015) ‘Co-op Care – The Case for Co-operative Care in Ireland’, Working Notes, 91, 22 -30.

91: Handle with Care: Societal and Political Perspectives Archives – Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice in Ireland (