2021-22 Student Awards

Published: 25 May, 2023

On April 20th the School of Chemical & BioPharmaceutical Sciences celebrated its awards night, honouring the outstanding academic achievements of its students. Held in the beautiful St. Maelruain's Church in Tallaght it was a glittering testament to the tireless dedication, unending perseverance, and academic excellence our students embody.

The full list of awardees and sponsors are available here.

Aaron Carroll

(ABOVE) Aaron Carrol (Higher Certificate in GMP & Technology Year 1) receiving his best student performance award from Leo Drennan, Director of Therabel Healthcare Limited.

Our heartfelt thanks extend to our generous sponsors, without whom, this event wouldn't have been possible. Your invaluable support has illuminated the path for these future pioneers, empowering them to continue to break boundaries in the realms of chemical and biopharmaceutical sciences. Thanks also to our gracious host the Reverend Canon William Deverell.

Aisling Horan

(ABOVE) Aisling Horan (MSc Pharma QA Programme) receiving her best performance in the programme award, the Noel Whelan Memorial Award, from the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority).

Parents, families, and friends, your steadfast support has been the bedrock of these achievers' success. Your unwavering faith in their abilities has been instrumental in shaping their resilience and persistence.

Amanda Chaney

(ABOVE) Amanda Chaney (BSc in Pharmaceutical Technology) receiving her best student performance award from Carol Hunt, Global Talent Development Manager with DPS Group Global.

As we close this monumental chapter, we're filled with anticipation and excitement for our students' future endeavours. We trust that these students will continue to excel, pioneer, and contribute significantly to the field.

Daniel Coneeley

(ABOVE) Daniel Coneeley (MSc Pharmaceutical Validation Programme) receiving his best performance award from Dr. Gavin Sewell of TU Dublin.

To our graduates, remember that this is only the beginning of your grand journey. May the stars shine brightly on your path as you courageously chase your dreams and bring a new dawn to the world of chemical and biopharmaceutical sciences.

Edele Callinan

(ABOVE) Edele Callinan (BSc in Decontamination Management Year 2 Programme) receiving her best student performance award from the Tallaght Rugby Club.


All photos courtesy of Dr. Claire McDonnell