French Students of Lycee Jean-Pierre Visit TU Dublin

Published: 23 May, 2023

Lycee Jean-Pierre Students Visit TU DublinThe recent visit by eight students and two lecturers from Lycee Jean-Pierre School, France, as part of the Erasmus+ programme, marked a significant milestone in international educational exchange. This five-day cultural and academic immersion offered the French students a valuable insight into Irish education. The visitors benefitted from a wide variety of events including presentations by Mr Kevin Nolan and Dr John Power in the fields of space, and forensic sciences respectively.

The event, organised by Dr. Darvree Downey, Dr. Emma Caraher, and Dr. Gordon Cooke, allowed the visitors to not only attend engaging science talks but also participate in hands-on laboratory experiments alongside our undergraduate students, with thanks to the technical staff. This intercultural collaboration facilitated a rich learning experience for all involved, fostering a deeper understanding of differing educational approaches and enhancing students' practical skills.

The inclusion of a representative from the French Embassy underscored the importance of this educational exchange at the diplomatic level, further solidifying the bonds between our two nations. We also want to thank Dr. Eamon Maher of the National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies (NCFIS) for his support during the visit. Encouragingly, this successful event has set the stage for a repeat of the exchange next year. It is through such initiatives that we broaden our horizons, enrich our learning experiences, and foster international cooperation in education. You can see some of the pictures of the happenings at the link below: