European University of Technology Celebrates Phase II of the European Universities Initiative in P

Published: 20 Nov, 2023

A week of plenary meetings hosted by the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) in Paphos was a pivotal moment in the journey of the European University of Technology (EUt+).

This event not only marked the successful closure of Phase I but also laid the groundwork for the much-anticipated Phase II – EUt+ Accelerate. During the opening session, DG Education and Culture, European Commission Project Officer and Policy Advisor Tine Delva, spoke about EUt+ as a high-ambition project, and acknowledged the challenges ahead but assured the support of the European Commission. Emphasising collaborative efforts, she thanked all participants for their commitments, laying the foundation for the future of higher education.

The eleven (11) Working Packages unveiled during the presentation by Timothee Toury, the Secretary-General of EUt+ and Package Leaders, established a sturdy groundwork for the upcoming EUt+ Accelerate phase. The strategic vision for the coming years was eloquently outlined, setting a clear direction for the alliance. The Rectors Board, in its deliberations, critically examined the outcomes from the First Phase, providing a comprehensive review that lays the groundwork for well-informed decision-making within the alliance.

Legal aspects have assumed a central position, as representatives from EUt+ and other alliances - ESEU, EGAI, Uni-GR, and EUCOR - actively participated in discussions with the STYX program. This ongoing dialogue has been exceptionally beneficial, providing valuable insights into legal complexities and regulatory frameworks. The STYX program received dedicated attention throughout the week, creating a platform for open discussions and exchanging experiences. This transparent and collaborative dialogue is crucial in propelling the initiative forward, ensuring a seamless transition into the next phase.

In the context of the EUt+ Week, the Rector of CUT, Panayiotis Zaphiris, conducted a press conference, shedding light on the future of both EUt and CUT and highlighting that CUT is on a trajectory of growth, aiming to establish a bold, ambitious, and outward-looking university. This commitment is evident in its active participation in the EUt+ alliance, aspiring to create a university of the future. During this event, journalists were briefed on the upcoming celebrations for CUT's 20th anniversary, which included the unveiling of the university's new logo,

The exceptional professionalism, services, and hospitality provided by the students of the School of Tourism Management, Hospitality, and Entrepreneurship of CUT in Paphos, specifically the Academy of Tourism Professions and Hospitality of CUT, left a lasting impression on all attendees of #PaphosEUtWeek2023.

As the EUt+ community opens the new chapter of Phase II, EUt+ Accelerate, anticipation is high for new challenges, innovations, and milestones. Together, the groundwork has been set for a promising future in Education, Research, and Innovation, and the European Technological University eagerly looks forward to the journey ahead.

To celebrate the launch of Phase II, the rectors of the 9 partners and the General Secretary have shared their enthusiasm and insights about the upcoming developments in this video.

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