IMMA Nights: Artist's Discussion on Full Stack Feminism, Art, Intersectionality and the Digital

31 May, 2022

As part of the IMMA Nights series of events, Katherine Nolan, an artist, curator, and lecturer in Creative Digital Media at TU Dublin will host a discussion with artists entitled Full Stack Feminism, Art, Intersectionality and the Digital.

IMMA partners with Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities to host this discussion which explores how intersectional feminist thinking can be embedded into digital artistic practices. Guests Dr El Putnam, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley and Day Magee address how biases and stereotypes manifest in digital media, particularly in the Digital Humanities.  

 Date: Thurs 16 June 2022, 6.30pm  

Venue: Lecture Room, IMMA  

Tickets: Free, but booking is essential on the IMMA website.

As part of the collaborative actions of the Full Stack Feminism project, this talk brings together artists to discuss concerns across gender, race and class, structures of power and oppression and digital technologies. In this way, we begin to enact intersectional feminism across the ‘Full Stack’: addressing how inequality is reproduced from the level of code to the level of representation. We tease out these issues with invited speakers that include: Dr El Putnam (artist-philosopher, Lecturer in Digital Media at National University Ireland Galway), Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley (multi-disciplinary artist, working predominantly with performance, animation, and video games) and Day Magee (performance-centred multimedia artist). 

 The event comprises artists’ presentations and panel discussions, where we will learn more about this two-year collaborative project that brings together artists, communities, coders, archivists and scholars to develop digital objects, interfaces, archives and tools that can work to amplify marginalised voices. Our partners of the Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities project will share information on their growing network, forthcoming events, and ways to get involved through calls for submissions. 

This session is chaired by Katherine Nolan (artist, curator, and Lecturer in Creative Digital Media, TU Dublin). The Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities project will be introduced by Jeneen Naji (Principal Investigator, Full Stack Feminism in Digital Humanities research project, and associate Professor in Digital Media, Maynooth University). 

More information about the Full Stack Feminism research project.

This research/project was funded by UKRI-AHRC and the Irish Research Council under the ‘UK-Ireland Collaboration in the Digital Humanities Research Grants Call’.