Languages Pathways@TU Dublin: a Collaborative Project promoting Language Learning

Published: 25 Jan, 2022

A language team working across TU Dublin has been awarded funding from Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) to develop a virtual environment for learning languages.

Funding awarded by PPLI in 2020 enabled the creation of the #Languages Pathways website, and this latest funding will enable the development of a Mozilla Hubs VR environment as a language learning space and platform for language-related activities.

The #Languages Pathways website, launched December 2020, highlights the importance of foreign language learning on multiple levels for personal, cultural, social development and career opportunities and raises awareness of courses with a foreign language component in TU Dublin.

Language Pathways Website

The 2021 competition, “A new language is a new life”, invited all post-primary language fans to showcase their enthusiasm for languages, and the online Awards Event served as a platform to launch Mozilla Hubs, our virtual space for language learning  The 2022 competition “Technology enhances my language learning experience” now invites post-primary language learners to describe their interaction with the use of technology in language learning  The closing date is Monday, 31 January 2022.

All of the events contribute to the national ‘Languages Connect’ strategy and awareness-raising campaign, which aims to emphasise the pivotal role of plurilingualism and multiculturalism in the educational experience and the relevance of plurilingualism for global citizenship and success in the global market. 

PPLI is the dedicated unit providing expertise and support for foreign languages education in Ireland and has responsibility for implementing key actions in Languages Connect – Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017-2026.