Scholarships and Awards for 2022 Sustainable Timber Technology Students

19 Apr, 2022

Are you currently considering your CAO choices and interested in how you can contribute to climate action in your studies and career? Well, Sustainable Timber Technology might just be the course for you, with a range of scholarships you can apply for if you start the course this September.

The Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Sustainable Timber Technology (TU838) is designed to equip students for positions in the expanding Forest Product Sector, which Enterprise Ireland predicts will grow from 12,000 to 20,000 employees in the next ten years.

This four-year, full-time programme features a mix of theoretical and skills-based modules appealing to students interested in Sustainable Enterprise as many of the learning outcomes relate directly to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Cross-sectoral skills such as critical thinking, creativity, management, and collaboration are an important part of the programme supporting the central focus on wood science, timber skills, and production management. The programme has strong links with industry, and a work placement takes place in the sixth semester.

This year, TU Dublin is delighted to announce a range of new Scholarship and Award programmes for incoming first-year students of Sustainable Timber Technology. These packages offer financial assistance to students and provide an opportunity to develop long-lasting and significant relationships with industry leaders.

Industry Partner Scholarship Opportunity
Murray Timber Group Logo

Murray Timber Group Scholarship

Murray Timber Group is one of Ireland's largest, most progressive and flexible sawmills. The company continues to invest in state-of-the-art sawmilling equipment to satisfy customer requirements. The Murray Timber Group Scholarship Programme will award one student €3,000 per year for the duration of their studies.

FINSA Ireland  Logo

The FINSA Ireland Scholarship

FINSA Ireland is a Spanish company with a long history in Ireland. They manage sawmills, board mills and a mass timber (CLT) factory and provide a range of high-quality, innovative products to markets across the world, including Ireland.

The FINSA Ireland Scholarship Programme will award one student €3,000 per year for the duration of their studies.

Balcas Company Logo

Balcas Award

Balcas believe that sustainably managed forests are our future. They innovate with timber, taking care to use it as efficiently as possible, planting four trees for everyone they harvest.

Their sawmills in Enniskillen and combined CHP plants in Enniskillen and Invergordon are energy-efficient and self-sufficient. Their 370 plus people are experts in timber products and wood pellet production, delivery and supply. Their focus is on growing for tomorrow and keeping our position as one of Britain and Ireland’s largest wood product suppliers.

Balcas will support three awards in 2022, with a value of €1,000, €600 and €400 based on academic merit.

Cygnum Logo

Cygnum Award

Established in 1997, Cygnum is one of Ireland’s leading timber frame processing companies; it spans almost 20 years of making timber frames for houses, homes (both one-off and in volume), hotels, apartment blocks, care homes, and schools and other public buildings.

The Cygnum award is worth €1,000 and will be based on academic excellence throughout a students’ first year.

Kingspan Logo

Kingspan Century Scholarship Programme

Kingspan, a global leader in advanced insulation and building envelope solutions, has announced a five-year partnership with TU Dublin to support the development of the University’s innovative Design and Construct Centre.

The Kingspan Century Scholarship Programme has awarded one student €3,000 per year for the duration of their studies.

Read more information about these Scholarships and Awards, or email Jill O'Lone, Scholarship Manager, TU Dublin Foundation, your queries.