TU Dublin and UCD now offer Professional Diploma in Transversal Skills (Online September 2021)

31 Aug, 2021

Reignite Your Career with a short course from TU Dublin and UCD - (Free / 90% subsidised for eligible candidates)

Due to high demand, TU Dublin and UCD are again offering further 'live online immersive short courses designed primarily for individuals and businesses that have been impacted by Covid-19, such as the tourism, hospitality, arts, and entertainment sectors. Courses are funded by the Government of Ireland under the July 2020 Stimulus Provision. 

Each course is designed to upskill participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to reignite their career and/or business.

Transversal skills are also known as soft, transferable, or power skills. They include innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial agility, analytical skills, business acumen, teamwork, and communication skills. They translate across professions, industries, and organisations.

Graduates with these skills are in high demand from employers across sectors and industries around the world.

Following this course, you will be better positioned to make a career change, gain a promotion, or help your organisation identify innovative ways to thrive. In addition, you will leave with a toolkit and action plan for your career, now and in the future.

All six modules (UCD & TU Dublin | 30 ECTS) 20 September 2021 to 10 December 2021

Digital Entrepreneurship (TU Dublin) 4-8 October (Register by 12th September)

Creative Thinking (UCD) 18-22 October (Register by 1 October)

Design Thinking (UCD)  1-5 November (Register by 15 October)

Digital Marketing (TU Dublin) 15-19 November (Register by 29 October)

Leadership (UCD) 22-26 November (Register by 5 November)

Global Citizenship in the Workplace (TU Dublin) 6-10 December (Register by 19 November)

Fees and Funding

Full course: €3,300 (EU) or €6,600 (Non-EU)

Individual Modules: €550 (EU) or €1,100 (Non-EU)

100% or 90% funding is available for eligible applicants through July Stimulus Provision Funding. See Springboard for eligibility criteria.

To Register your Interest and for full details, including eligibility, visit:

Professional Diploma in Transversal Skills September 2021

*This course is offered free or a 90% subsidised rate of €100 for eligible applicants through the Government of Ireland July 2020 Stimulus Provision. Visit the links above for further information. Please note as this course is jointly offered by TU Dublin and UCD, you will be registered to both institutions.