TU Dublin Hosts International A.I. Ethicon - 16/17 June 2022

8 Jun, 2022

A.I. solutions are now ubiquitous and are transforming society at an unprecedented rate. However, with numerous examples of the unethical use of A.I., the need for a better understanding of the ethical issues relating to this technology and its uses are more pressing than ever.

In conjunction with Universities in Italy, the Netherlands and Hungary, TU Dublin will host two days of A.I. related activities, including expert talks, an explanation of the new E.U. funded human-centred A.I. Masters Programme and a chance to get an initial certificate in deep learning. 

A.I. has become pervasive in decision-making systems – How is it decided what version of the news you read next? Why were you refused a bank loan or job interview? In more and more cases, the answer may be an A.I. algorithm. Should we accept this? What can be done? How can we create Ethical, transparent and trustworthy decision making software?

We will answer all these questions and more at A.I. Ethicon, and you can join online or participate in person on the University's Tallaght Campus. 

For more information, including how to register, visit the A.I. Ethicon website.