TU Dublin is Switching off

Published: 16 Dec, 2022

As the first semester of the 2022/2023 academic year ends, Technological University Dublin is actioning energy conserving efforts in advance of closing for the Christmas break.

The University will be closed between Friday, 23 December 2022 and Tuesday, 03 January 2023, while some buildings will remain closed until Monday, 09 January 2022. As part of the ‘TU Dublin is Switching Off’ campaign, TU Dublin is committing to switch off all appropriate campus equipment and energy consuming resources during this time.

This important call-to-action is a response to ease pressure on the national grid and support the ‘Reduce Your Use’ government policy for reducing energy consumption. We also encourage the TU Dublin community of students and staff to take the opportunity to ‘switch off’ screens and digital devices and to mind our mental and physical health during the Christmas break.

Speaking of the #TUDublinisSwitchingOff campaign, Vice President for Sustainability, Jennifer Boyer said: "TU Dublin is putting sustainability into action through this twin campaign to reduce our energy usage and take time to mind our mental health and well-being over the holiday period. The University is making an institutional commitment to reduce energy and we are asking all of the TU Dublin community to play their part as individuals."

President of TU Dublin, Professor David FitzPatrick, is calling on all staff and students to take the time to personally switch off any device or piece of equipment which does not need to be kept running.

These actions should include:

  • Fully switching off all computer devices and screens
  • Fully switching off all office equipment such as printers, chargers, speakers, etc
  • Clearing out and *switching off cold storage appliances in shared kitchens
  • Staff who use laboratory cold storage are asked to consider what can be switched off or consolidated

Across each of our five locations, Campus and Estates will be implementing practical actions to facilitate TU Dublin ‘Switching Off'.

These will include:

  • Switching off all student-facing devices
  • Switching off all AV equipment
  • Turning off all heating
  • Switching off all non-essential lighting
  • Switching off all digital signage
  • Consolidating produce within canteen and academic kitchens to minimise the use of energy from cold storage appliances

Campus and Estates are working towards maximising the efficient use of buildings across TU Dublin as the demand for teaching spaces reduces. In cooperation with Security and Caretaking staff, it is planned to open only buildings where libraries are located and that have pre-agreed activity taking place such as exams. **Where agreed, all other buildings will close as soon as the exams are complete.

Buildings that will reopen on Tuesday, 03 January 2023

Aungier Street

Aungier Street - Phase 2 only – (Exams & Library)


Block C  (Exams)

Block E  (Exams)

Block F  (Library & Exams)

Connect (PMS Staff)

Linc (Innovation Tenants)

Bolton Street

Bolton Street - Main Building (Exams & Library)

Linenhall (Exams)

E Block (Exams)


Central Quad (Exams)

Greenway Hub (Innovation Tenants)

Rathdown (Staff & Students)

Bradogue (Students’ Union)

Glassmanogue (Sports)

Park House (Library & Tenants)


Main Building (Exams & Library)

Synergy Cash (Innovation Tenants)

Synergy Global (Innovation Tenants)

TDC (Apprentice Exams)

Buildings that will remain closed until Monday, 09 January 2023

Aungier Street

Phase 1


Block A

Block D

Sproaí (Sports)



East Quad (access only for pre-authorised concert setup and practice, no general access for students and staff.)

Lower House

The Clock Tower


Airton Road

Premier House













TU Dublin Student Services and Support

TU Dublin Student's Union support

Health and Well-being resources from the HSE

Reduce your use government campaign 


*Be mindful for the potential for some freezers to defrost and leak, click here for tips on cleaning out and turning off cold storage appliances.

**If access is required for any reason, please facilitate Campus & Estates TU Dublin, Estates.Helpdesk@TUDublin.ie