TU Dublin launch Green Week 2023

Published: 28 Feb, 2023

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Caroline Conroy, gathers with TU Dublin Green-Campus Committee members against a climate stripes backdrop to promote Green Week

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Caroline Conroy officially launched TU Dublin Green Week, at an event at TU Dublin, Grangegorman. TU Dublin Green Week runs from Monday, 06 March to Friday 10 March 2023 and is an annual celebration of innovation and partnerships, a chance to debate ideas and to showcase a living lab for environmental sustainability across Ireland's first Technological University.

Across each of the five TU Dublin locations, students, staff, and the wider TU Dublin community have an opportunity to get involved in a range of solution-focussed events. The exciting schedule of events includes a Vegan Bake-Off challenge, VOICE recycling workshops, bike repair clinics, clothing swap shops, book clubs and talks by expert TU Dublin and guest speakers.

TU Dublin is welcoming the wider community to get involved during Green Week. Recognising this, the Dublin 7 Women's Shed attended the launch and presented the Lord Mayor of Dublin with a stripped scarf knitted in the colours of the climate warming stripes.

Gathered against a climate stripes data visualisation backdrop, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Caroline Conroy said:

Each stripe within this climate stripes timeline represents the average temperature for a single year in Ireland. The transition from cooler-than-average temperatures, to hotter than average temperatures leave us with no doubt that global warming is rapidly accelerating. Despite this stark warning, we are inspired by the words of Climate Activist, Greta Thunberg, that ‘once we start to act, hope is everywhere’. TU Dublin’s Green Week aims to inspire hope and mobilise university-wide climate action.


Speaking of the Green Week schedule of events, Vice President for Sustainability, Jennifer Boyer, said:

Green Week brings together students, staff, the local community, policy makers, and NGOs with an aim to raise awareness and stimulate discussion on environmental action across a week of university-wide engagement. The initiative is a leading example of how a university community can shape and drive local climate action with far-reaching impacts.

Coordinated by the Green-Campus Committee, the schedule, which is a mix of both in-person and online events, focuses on a variety of themes including waste, energy, transport, biodiversity, sustainable food, sustainable fashion, and climate action.

Green-Campus Committee Co-Chair, Giacomo Di Capua, describes how TU Dublin’s Green Week brings Dublin communities together in climate action:

Every European city needs a strong and decentralised sustainability stewardship in the Decade of Action, catalysing ideas, innovation, and synergies for sustainable development. TU Dublin’s Green Week is a prominent example of how communities of Dublin can come together to put forth green urban solutions. The involvement of students and young sustainability advocates, which is a constant endeavour of TU Dublin’s Green-Campus Committee, plays an important role in this and is central to the success of the vision of society portrayed during Green Week.

TU Dublin’s Green Week is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the university as part of their work towards achieving the Green Flag with An Taisce’s Green-Campus programme.