TU Dublin musicians at ‘Harpes au Max’ Festival, France

Published: 11 May, 2023

TU Dublin Harp Ensemble and Phoenix traditional ensemble are delighted to be performing at the ‘Harpes au Maxʼ international harp festival in Ancenis, France (11-14 May) at the invitation of Jakez François, President of Harpes Camac and the Festival Artistic Director.  The ensemble will perform throughout the city to a variety of audiences with a focus on outreach. The ensemble will also be featured in the main concert on the final day of the Festival at Ancenis Theatre. In addition, Phoenix, a traditional ensemble with harp will perform at the opening concert today, present a full recital programme tomorrow, as well as joining the full ensemble for the final concert on Sunday. 

The festival provides the opportunity to celebrate and highlight Irelandʼs rich harping and traditional music culture in France, which will be promoted by some of Irelandʼs most talented emerging professional musicians. 

TU Dublin and the musicians are very grateful for the support of Culture Ireland for this event. 

TU Dublin Harp Ensemble: Rachel Duffy, Fiona Gryson, Julieta De Cicco, Kara Lord Bissett, Siofra Ní Dubhghaill and Gaia Sessa 

TU Dublin Phoenix Traditional Ensemble: Rachel Duffy (harp), Neil Dignam (banjo), Jack Hennessy (flute, bodhrán)  and Eoin Kearns (uilleann pipes, flute) 


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