TU Dublin Plant a Cherry Blossom for Pieta House Know the Signs Campaign

12 Oct, 2020

Two students of Computer Science, Becky White and Mahim Hossain, recently worked with Estates staff in Grangegorman to plant a Cherry Blossom tree in support of the Pieta House Know the Signs campaign.

The campaign explains how to recognise suicide warning signs and what you can do to help. If you’re worried that a friend or loved one is suffering or thinking of suicide – here are some of the key warning signs to watch out for:

What to listen for:

  • Talking or writing about hurting themselves, dying or saying that they want to die

  • Talking about ways to die or having a suicide plan

  • Saying that they are ‘trapped’ or have no options in their life

  • Saying they have no purpose in their lives, that they feel hopeless

What to look for:

  • Engaging in self-harm or reckless, risk-taking behaviour

  • Giving items away or saying goodbye to people

  • Becoming more inward-looking and withdrawing from family and friends

  • Changes in their sleep patterns – too much or too little sleep

  • Extreme emotions or dramatic changes in mood

  • Increasing their use of drugs or alcohol

If you recognise one or more of these warning signs in a loved one’s behaviour, don’t wait for someone else to do something. Pieta House has some advice on its websites on how you can help here.

Thinking of donating to a mental health charity, you can donate here on the Pieta House website.