TU Dublin Statement of Support for Ukraine

2 Mar, 2022

TU Dublin strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the escalating conflict that is affecting the citizens of Ukraine and beyond.

The University adds its voice and wholeheartedly supports the demands of the Irish Government, the European Union and the international community for an urgent, immediate and peaceful resolution to the conflict, respecting the primacy and sanctity of life and the right for democratic self-determination of Ukraine by its people.

We recognise that this is a time of great distress and concern for those who have connections with Ukraine, Russia and affected countries in Eastern Europe. TU Dublin is working to ensure that all students, staff and other members of the TU Dublin community who are impacted by the crisis are supported at this time.

In supporting and encouraging the global efforts to provide assistance, we join with the other Irish Universities and Higher Education Institutions and our European partners in the European University of Technology (EUt+), in exploring ways in which the TU Dublin can provide on-going support, both now and into the future, to those impacted by the conflict.

We would like to remind students and staff of the supports available to them: