TU Dublin Success in the National Student Survey

Published: 28 Mar, 2023

TU Dublin’s Student Success Unit is delighted to highlight the tremendous response rate from our students who completed the recent National Student Survey. This is an annual national student survey, which captures student satisfaction information data from our first and final-year students, and took place from 14 February to 06 March 2023.

TU Dublin places a great degree of importance on this survey as it is designed to gather feedback from our students, with results from each educational institution forming part of a national project to engage with students and amplify their voices.

The Student Success Unit would like to personally thank the TU Dublin Students’ Union, our Career Coaches, and our other colleagues whom all promoted the survey, and, of course, we want to thank all students that took the time to complete the survey.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Almost 3,500 TU Dublin responses, which equated to a 26% response rate.
  • A 2% increase in the number of student responses compared to 2022.
  • 5% higher response rate than university average nationwide.
  • A 2% higher response rate compared to the Higher Education Institution average nationwide.

Commenting on the Student Survey Success, Dave Kilmartin, Senior Manager - Student Success, said:

The Student voice is central to our ethos in TU Dublin, and the National Student Survey is one of several methods used to listen to and act on that voice. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all those who supported the National Student Survey and, of course, our students for their participation