UN 75 - Dialogues take over TU Dublin's TheCity.ie

12 Nov, 2020

For a week starting from Monday, 30 November, the final-year BA in Journalism students at TU Dublin will be publishing dialogues on the impact of digital technology on different communities around Ireland and elsewhere.

They will be participating in an initiative by the UN on its 75th anniversary to look at how digital technologies have affected lives for better and for worse on a range of issues from the financial effect of streaming platforms on musicians to the future of artificial intelligence, and, of course, communication in the time of COVID-19.

These dialogues, which will be published on TheCity.ie, will also be fed back to the UN via an online portal.

We invite everyone interested in the subject area to come and check out the website for the duration of the week. You can also follow the website on Twitter @TheCity_Dublin.