Estates Office

Paul Campbell is responsible for the campus buildings and environs. He has particular responsibilities for campus security and evacuation and emergency procedures. View our Landscape Masterplan for the TU Dublin Tallaght Campus

The Caretakers office is located at the entrance to the main building. If you have lost something please check with the Caretakers office immediately and again after a period of time.

  • Caretakers Office: 220 8018 /8031

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all parts of the campus.

Since opening in September 1992 the campus has adopted a very clear and unambiguous antismoking policy. It has done so on the basis of the serious harmful effects of passive smoking which have been established beyond doubt. This policy entails designating a smoking zone. The designated smoking area is located to the rear of the campus. Smoking on campus is confined to this area.

The campus buildings have been designated a non smoking area.

The campus will obviously try to prevent theft and losses on campus. However TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus cannot accept any responsibility in the event of losses or theft of property. As with most campuses, particularly those based in cities, TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus has its share of security problems. In addressing these the campus employs security staff and has installed a sophisticated closed circuit television system throughout the campus. Please also view stay safe on campus.

The work of the campus security staff would be very much assisted if all the campus members, students and staff, became more security conscious. You can assist by bearing the following points in mind:

  • If you see someone acting suspiciously either on the campus or in buildings, you should contact the Caretakers Office or Security immediately
  • Be particularly vigilant about bikes.
  • Securely lock your bike to the bicycle racks provided
  • Be careful with money. Keep it with you all the time - but don’t carry large sums of money
  • Take normal precautions regarding your personal safety both on and off the campus
  • Keep your locker key carefully
  • Do not leave any valuables unguarded
  • Write your name and class group on all books, calculators, folders and other belongings
  • Download our Stay Safe on Campus information leaflet

All locks are not made equal. As a general guide think about spending around 10% of the value of the bike you are trying to protect on a lock.
The tools used to force rigid U locks and flexible cable or chain locks are different and most thieves don’t carry both.

  • Consider using a combination for maximum protection.
  • Lock your bike to something secure and don’t lock it to a part of your bike which can be easily removed such as wheels, saddle posts or carriers.
  • Lock your bike as snugly as possible – slack locks are easier to lever apart.
  • Always lock your bike even when it’s parked somewhere secure – bikes are regularly stolen from hallways, back yards and garages.
  • Lots of stolen bikes are recovered but there is often no way to locate the owner.
  • Take a few photos of your bike and record the serial number of the frame.
  • The serial number is usually stamped on the frame under the bottom bracket (near peddles).
  • Register your bike: It is a free service to help locate stolen bikes.
  • Bike theft is serious – always make a formal report of bike theft at your local Garda station.

When the ALARM sounds

  • Leave the building immediately by the nearest exit
  • Close the door of the room you vacate
  • Do not use the lift
  • Do not re-enter the premises for any reason
  • Go to the nearest assembly point
  • Do not leave the assembly point until the all clear has been given (3 blasts of the air horn)
  • Download the Emergency & Evacuation Procedures - Tallaght Campus

All full time students of TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus are presently covered by a personal accident insurance scheme. The cover is world wide and applies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year irrespective of whether the students are involved in campus activities. Details of cover are available from the Student Services Office.

Claims for medical expenses are subject to an excess of €250. It should be noted that medical expenses are precisely that, for example getting a taxi following an injury would not be covered. Like all insurance policies there are some exclusions. Among the exclusions are intentional self injury, provoked assault, duelling or fighting (except in bona fide self defence or sporting activities), engagement in civil commotion or riots, motor, motorcycle or horse racing or injuries occurring while engaged in mountaineering or rock climbing unless supervised by guides and experts in this particular field.

Claim forms and full details of the policy are available from the Registrar’s Office in Room 120.

The extent of cover provided may vary from year to year and is subject to review in the light of claims experience.

The clamping of improperly parked cars will re-commence on next Monday – 5th December 2022.
Please view our Tallaght Campus Parking Map - December 2022 which takes into account the changes to the car parking areas as a result of the development of the Sports Science, Health and Recreation building.

Barrier on main thoroughfare beside the CASH / Synergy Centre

Following the completion of the campus wayfinding (external signage) contract over the summer, the vehicular traffic barrier on the road leading to/from the Greenhills Road gate, came into operation on Monday, 16th September. There is now a sign alongside the barrier stating when the barrier will be closed.

The barrier will close from 8am – 10am and 5pm – 7pm each day. It was a condition imposed by South Dublin Co. Council, as part of the planning permission of the enabling works/infrastructure project, that a barrier be used to prevent vehicular traffic using the campus roadways as a short cut during peak traffic times.

Towing and clamping policy
Cars parked outside of the designated parking spaces will be clamped in-situ or towed to a designated location on the campus. Drivers will be required to pay a fee to the clamping company NCPS to have their car released to them. Drivers must deal directly with NCPS not the university. The clamp release fee will be €70 and the towing release fee will be €300.