Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant: Fermentation Suite
The pilot lab has fermentation capabilities up to 100L capacity with steam in place and clean in place facilities. As part of the lab there is a 10L system and a 2L quad fermentation unit. The 2L Quad system mentioned is currently set up for microbial cell culture, but also has microspargers and marine type impellers for conversion to animal cell culture. All the fermenters have pH, pO2, turbidity and off gas analysis which feeds back to a MFCS data handling unit. For downstream processing there is Centrifuge 50L/hr (11,750 rpm) and a Millipore TFF unit for concentrating down product depending on the process. We engage with various different company's and research groups to carry out projects using this equipment.
There is also a BIOSTAT Cultibag RM 20/50 - This is a wave technology/disposable bag system for animal cell culture, up to 20L capacity currently, 50L possible with additional equipment.

Pilot Plant: Solid Formulations
The main body of the lab contains a variety of instrumentation to give the students a good overview of industrial equipment. There are 5 vessels ranging from 250Lto 500L and there is a variety of instrumentation including Pumps, valves, level transmitters, temperature control, flow meters, conductivity meters. All the equipment is centrally controlled by a PLC with SCADA interface for the user. The PP is fully specked with utilities; compressed air, steam (sterile and normal), purified water (17MΩ) and automated clean in Place (CIP) for all vessels.

Other equipment in the Pilot Plant includes:

  • Milipore K-Prime unit for larger scale chromatography projects
  • Bottling line with 500ml fill capacity fed from the main vessels in the lab
  • Pasteurising Unit as part of the main lab with a 500L holding tank to maintain temperature.