Research Centres & Groups

Research Centres & Groups

We have the expertise, techniques and facilities that have, and still can deliver excellent results to make significant impact in areas including Energy, Environment and Health; Communications and Media; New Materials and Devices; Society, Culture and Enterprise. 

In order to realise our vision and expand our capacity in the areas above our academics have clustered their research expertise into thematic areas that have been categorised as follows: Research Institutes, designated Institute Research Centres of excellence, specialist Research Centres and Research Groups over the years. We also support and encourage individual researchers who are aligned to our Strategic research areas, have established research for a new thematic areas and bespoke industry specific research collaborations.

A Research Centre is a formally structured unit established with the purpose of advancing scholarly activity primarily through collaborative research, research training, research dissemination, or creative endeavours. Centres typically involve activities beyond the scope of single disciplines and promote interdisciplinary work. Centres will have a director or coordinator. 

The campus has formally recognised those centres with critical mass and established research graduate output as Institute designated Research Centres. Designation as an IRC represents endorsement by the Institute, and adds credibility to such a research group in the eyes of external agencies and researchers. 

On the other hand a Research Institute is more formally structured, has secured in excess of €10M, has its own infrastructure, funded manager and an advisory management team. The Centre of Applied Science and Health is a Research Institute and was established by the HEA through their PRTLI Cycle 4 funding in 2007.

The last decade seen the establishment of specialist Centres of Excellence, special interest Research Groups and collaborative industry thematic clusters as well.

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