3D Assist Tallaght

The 3D Assist Tallaght is an informal group of students, past students and staff at TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus. We were set up in January 2015 with a view to 3D printing prosthetic hands and arms for people who need them.  

To date we have manufactured over 30 prosthetic arms and hands for recipients in Ireland and the UK.  Our range of activities have developed in that we now have a number of projects such as modified joysticks for wheelchairs and heated joystick covers for wheelchairs.

Robbie O’Connor                       
Chris Keogh
Elaine McGeogh                        
Alan Somers

All from Student fund raising activities and donations from companies.

We are part of the worldwide E-Nable group, made up of over 4000 makers.

  • 3D-Assist: A vehicle for civic engagement within the third level sector. Robbie O’Connor and Elaine McGeough, ICEP conference December 2017.
  • 3D-ASSIST:  A model for civic engagement within the context of Engineering education. Robbie O’Connor and Elaine McGeough, IMC conference DIT 2018
  • We have visited a number or local schools and some of the schools of our recipients to demonstrate the 3D printing process and talk to the students regarding the group and the work we do.
  • In April of 2017 we hosted an open “fun day” for our recipients and the parents and siblings. We  had presenters from Paralympic Ireland to talk to the families of the children with limb difference and the visually impaired.
  • We are also printing and developing assistive devices for the visually impaired. We are in the process of designing and manufacturing braille “abacus” type devices to assist the children in their math learning. We have designed and manufactured rulers and drawing set squares specifically for the visually impaired children. Our plan is to provide personalised versions to each child with their names in braille on each device. There is absolutely no cost for the recipients.
  • The group is made up entirely of volunteers, all giving their time freely. Our 3D printers were donated to us and our running costs are met through fundraising through the year by students and staff.