Centre for Exercise & Metabolic Science

Centre for Exercise & Metabolic Science

Specialist Research Centre

The aim of the CEMS is to provide an infrastructure for scientific interactions among faculty and community. The research centre strives to lead in the study and support of integrative research in the field of exercise and nutrition to advance our understanding of the biological mechanisms that lead to ill health or increase athletic performance. 

The subject area of Sport Science is now recognized both as an academic discipline and a valid area of professional practice. Sports science is well respected within its parent disciplines, for example biomechanics, biochemistry, physiology, psychology, sociology and so on. A new maturity became apparent as the sports sciences have been increasingly applied to address problems in particular sports and health areas rather than to sports in general. 

The Centre for Exercise and Metabolic Science (CEMS) is an interdisciplinary centre established to support the advancement of our understanding of the application of exercise and nutrition to various health and sporting populations. While these may seem to be divergent themes, they share the same fundamental science. The Centre provides an opportunity to explore common scientific themes and collaborate. CEMS also works to facilitate the translation of discoveries to applied knowledge for applied practice in these fields. It falls under umbrella of the larger Centre of Applied Science for Health.

Running biomechanics and physiology of footwear research:  Recent interest in barefoot running has resulted in the development of a new footwear type that incorporates minimal cushioning and structural properties, in contrast with conventional running shoes. One of the lead PIs has been focusing on this topic for the last 8 years or so, and has identified a number of important aspects to changing shoes, namely that it carries a risk of pressure-related injuries to the foot, but that improvements in running economy and running mechanics have been noted if changing into minimalist footwear.

PI Names: 
Kieran Collins                                     
Dr. Colin Murphy                                
Dr. Joe Warne                                   
Marcus Shortall                                

Postgraduate Research Students (Currently) 
Brian Hughes
Aideen McGuinness
Simon Devenney
Adam Sheehan
Mark Beakey

Research Assistants
Diarmuid Healy
Mark Germaine
IT Tallaght President’s Research Awards

Dr Adam Owen – Claude Bernard University, Lyon
Dr Bruno Mendes – Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Dr Catherine Blake – University College Dublin
Irish Hockey
Munster Rugby

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Dr Adam Owen
Dr Bruno Mendes

Concussion education company
Movement development programme

Dr Joe Warne has been an invited speaker at a number of international and national events, and has been featured on RTE television talking about research.