Material Characterisation & Process Analytical Technology Centre

Material Characterisation and PAT/Analytical Services Lab

Specialist Research Centre

The Material Characterisation and PAT/Analytical services lab and research centre was established in 2010 to provide specialised services to the Pharmaceutical Industry to solve process problems and assist in product development. It falls under the umbrella of the larger Research Institute on campus – the Centre for Applied Science for Health.

This specialist centre offers clients over 10 years of experience in Pharma/Medical Device technologies, Tech Transfer projects, Process Validation and QC Lab Management. The main objectives are to provide expert resources to design and improve manufacturing processes, and to support the implementation of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) into current and future products and processes. In recent years we have seen an increase in R&D projects within our group in the food technology space.

Material Characterisation & Process Analytical Lab Service

PI Name Dr Ed Carey
Researcher John Jones

EI circa €350,000 in 2010
This Centre is self-financing since 2010. Funding generated by commercial projects with client companies. Average income circa €35k.

Material Characterisation & Process Analytical Technology Centre

IMCD and Freeman Technologies

Confidential reports are not publishable with companies including Pfizer, Bimeda and Baxter.

Alkermes Pharma, Bimeda, Baxter and Ballina Beverages

Product development support for Bimeda (two commercial products)

Expertise integrated into current MSc program for both laboratory and learning content. 
Delivery of a training program for Engineers Ireland 2017, and SPS Shanghai Technology University, China 2017.