Microelectronic Devices & Systems (MEDS)

Microelectronic Devices & Systems (MEDS)

Specialist Research Centre

The MEDS Centre undertakes research work into the design, fabrication and implementation of microelectronic devices and systems for processing and transmitting of information, investigation of material properties and the integration of novel technologies into electronic components. 

The centre manages the following facilities:

  • An integrated fabrication facility supporting material preparation, microelectronic device design, device fabrication and device testing.  
  • An RF Technology facility incorporating circuit design tools, simulation tools, dedicated construction and test laboratory, and an Anechoic Chamber
  • A newly established Surface Engineering Facility incorporating an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM, a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM), a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), and an Ellipsometer 

The centre links research areas in relation to the integration of electronics with sensors, the fabrication of biosensors, high speed processing of data,  radio frequency technology, and surface engineering technology. This area also includes development of devices using complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) compatible technology.

The Centre’s importance is as an enabler for developments in Microelectronics Technology, both in the area of devices and system technology. Initial work was conducted in the area of microelectronics device technology but evolution of the Centre has encompassed material research, high speed data processing, sensor technology and RF technology.  

As part of the Centre efforts researchers are continuing to attempt to integrate new functionality into electronic devices, to address the challenges of handling power efficiently, and to explore the application of novel algorithms in systems.  Strong links have been established between the researchers in the group in  terms of facilitation of impact strategies and we aim to have considered all opportunities to improve co-ordination and usage of the specialist facilities

Fully addressing the capability of the Centre will require ambitious interdisciplinary proposals bringing together the centre researchers in materials, devices, RF technology, surface engineering and instrumentation.

James Wright 
Dr Shane Murphy 
Hugh McGuinne
Richard Gahan
Dr Andrew Donnellan
Brian Keogh 
Traoloch O’Brien                                    

Technical Officers
Paul Tierney
Martin Fogarty

Postgraduate Research Students (Currently):
Orlagh Murphy
John Fox
Hugh Byrne                
Jiahui Wu
Paul Tierney               
Dillon Watters
Conor Paxton             
Kai Wu                                     

In the last 5 years
2018 - Installation of PV Solar Panels - €48,000            
Funding was provided to install an 35KW array of PV Solar panels on the Institute roof for both teaching and Research activities.

2015 - Driverite Project - €11,000                                                    
2013 - Radio Frequency Anechoic Chamber - €15,000
There is no similar facility in the IT sector in the Republic of Ireland. 

July 2013 – Dec 2014 FAZ Technology Research Project - €239,620
2012 – 2014 Intertrade Ireland Fusion - STG £18,000
2012- 2013  Intertrade Ireland Fusion - STG £28,500
Presidents Awards IT Tallaght - The members of the Group they have received 10 Presidents Research awards in recent years - €300,000

Strong collaboration with Nines Engineering; Driverite; FAZ Technology; Intertrade Ireland Fusion

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Research visits from industry and colleges such as Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology, and University Colleges Dublin for collaboration on the Anechoic Chamber

UCD RF & Microwave Research Group  (https://hertz.ucd.ie/index.html).
DIT Antenna and High Frequency Research Group  ( http://ahfr.dit.ie/node/408)  

Research Postgraduate from Shanghai Polytechnic University  June –Aug 2018
Ongoing negotiation for a Dual Masters Award with Shanghai Institute of Technology, with visits by SIT to ITT and vice versa during 2017/18.

Ongoing collaboration with INTEL Ireland on CPD training
Ongoing collaboration with industry and other colleges in respect of use of the Anechoic Chamber

CPD training fro industry in Computer Networking and Telecommunications
Organisation of “Engineering Summer School” for 40 Transition Year students since 2014