Scientific Computing Group

Scientific Computing Group

The SCG group provides expertise in computing solutions to astrophysics and data science projects. Our current work includes data-mining based optimisation of very large astronomical sets using Grid and Cloud computing solutions; pursued in collaboration with Grid Ireland and into the future through iChec; among our other collaborators. 

Results to date include the generation of an innovative optimised astronomical catalogue with wide application in the field, internationally. Future work will include extending this work; as well as incorporating contemporary Data Analytics techniques to specific Big Data sets emerging in the areas of astrophysics and the life sciences.

PI Names: 

Dr. Eugene Hickey
Mr. Kevin Nolan

Postgraduate Research Students (Currently): 
Leo Enright
Tom O’Flynn

One PhD and two Masters President’s Research Awards, IT Tallaght

SCG is a wider collaboration between researchers in Cork IT (led by Dr. Niall Smith)
DIT (led by Dr. Paul Doyle)
Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (Dr. Oisin Creaner)

  • Nolan, Kevin, Creaner, Oisin, Hickey, Eugene, 2018 “Optimisation of Telescope Pointings for Differential Photometry by the Locus Algorithm”, in press
  • Creaner, Oisin, Hickey, Eugene, Nolan, Kevin, 2018 “Catalogue of Pointings and Differential Photometry Ratings for Quasars from SDSS”, in press
  • Creaner, Oisin, 2016 “Data Mining by Grid Computing in the Search for Extrasolar Planets”, PhD Thesis, Institute of Technology, Tallaght
  • Creaner, Oisin, Nolan, Kevin, Hickey, Eugene, O’Briain, Tadhg, Smith, Niall, 2010, “Large-Catalogue Optimisation of Quasar Differential Photometry Fields by Grid Computing”, ADASS XIX, ASP 434 p505
  • Mas-Hesse, Nolan, “OMC: An Optical Monitoring Camera for INTEGRAL. Instrument description and performance “, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2003, 411, p261

Kevin Nolan: Coordinator to Ireland for The Planetary Society
Kevin Nolan: Author of popular science book "Mars, a Cosmic Stepping Stone" (Springer/Copernicus, NY, 2008)