The Centre of Applied Microelectronics (CAM)

The Centre of Applied Microelectronics (CAM)

The Centre of Applied Microelectronics (CAM) was established on the college campus in 2003.  Students and researchers have access to a very well-equipped semiconductor fabrication environment and one PhD and a number of M.Eng students have graduated from the centre over since its inception. 

Specialist Research Centre

The main focus of the Centre is thin film fabrication technology, thin film characterisation, and applications in electronics, sensors and biosensors. It is operated by a core group of academics with the assistance of the Technical Officer.  The main objective of the Centre is the mastering of device micro-fabrication techniques and materials and sensor research.

The laboratory is equipped with a three stack furnace, Agilent Parameter Analyser, Ellipsometer, Physical Vapour Deposition Unit, Photolithography Aligner, Photoresist Spinner, FTIR spectrometer, Agilent Parameter Analyser, RF Probe Station, Acid and Solvent stations, HVAC System.  Access to the Surface Engineering Facility incorporating an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM, a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM), a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

PI Names:
Mr. James Wright
Dr Shane Murphy
Mr. Hugh McGuinne

Technical Officer  
Paul Tierney

Postgraduate Research Students (Currently)
Orlagh Murphy
Hugh Byrne
Paul Tierney

2003 - Establishment of the Applied Microelectronics in IT Tallaght - €750,000
Prepared funding applications for a capital expenditure budget for the Department of Education and commenced negotiations for significant contributions with INTEL Ireland and Analog Devices.  Secured donations of refurbished equipment from Analog Devices and Xilinx Ireland as well as a €350K cash donation from INTEL Ireland which was matched by the Department of Education.

2008 - Research Facilities Enhancement Scheme - €250,000
This successful application was made to the HEA for enhancing research facilities. Funding was received for a Physical Vapour Deposition System and an Ellipsometer.

2018-2017 - Presidents Research Awards - €60,000
Currently two Postgraduate Research students are assigned directly assigned to the Microelectronics laboratory

Jan 2016 - Ongoing
Strong collaboration with Nines Engineering to assist in the development of process and an Atmospheric Dry Etching tool for the processing of Solar Cells
Ongoing CPD collaboration with INTEL Ireland 
Ongoing collaboration with Industry in relation to use of Specialist Fabrication Equipment

  • H. Byrne, J. Wright, K. Crowley, B. Seddon, B. Singh, P. Tierney
    VIMs: towards an impedance modulation sensor for the detection of airborne viruses
    Poster presented at 9th Conference for Analytical Sciences in Ireland 2018
    CASi 2018 – Maynooth University May 16th and 17th 2018 -
  • Paul Tierney, TJ.Ennis , Áine Allen, James Wright
    The role of Mid-Band Gap Defect Levels in Persistent Photoconductivity in RF sputtered SnO2 thin films; Thin Solid Films, Volume 603, 31 March 2016, Pages 50-55
  • A. Tsigara, A. Benkhial, S. Warren, J. Wright, F. Frehill, E Dempsey.
    “Metal microelectrode nanostructuring using nanosphere lithography and photolithography with optimization of the fabrication process” Journal of Thin Solid Films, Elsevier Science Publishers B.V. Amsterdam, 2013
  • M. M. Jamshidi, K. Alshaltami, F. Akkari and J. Wright  
    “Development of Palladium based Hydrogen Thin Film Sensor using Silicon Oxide Substrate” Indian Journal of Physics,87, 511-515  2013

Visits to Shanghai Polytechnic University for ongoing discussions with Shanghai Polytechnic University in respect of collaboration in the area of sensor technology and fabrication. Research Postgraduate from Shanghai Polytechnic University will visit the Centre from June – Aug 2018.

Ongoing collaboration with INTEL Ireland on CPD training