Research Mission & Vision

Research Mission & Vision

Our Vision

  • is to be a leader in targeted research areas and make ground-breaking contributions to the ever-changing needs of the world’s society and the economy. With our applied focus remit and long-term external networks in a range of fields, we will always try to work seamlessly with collaborators across the Region of South County Dublin, nationally and internationally. Research-informed teaching from our home grown outputs is something we will also foster.

Our Mission

  • In order to realise our vision we seek to prioritise our activities in thematic clusters and build up centres of excellence in selected areas founded in our fundamental research and applied expertise, in close engagement with industry and civic partners; 
  • encourage interdisciplinary research activity to expand our applications, maximise opportunities and deliver maximum impact; 
  • form strategic partnerships with other universities, and external and complimenting research centres work with business and industry in long term collaborations and in line with their requirements to support their needs.

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