Anti-Fast Fashion Night

11 Apr, 2022

As part of her final project, Creative Industries and Visual Culture student Rose Brady presents Anti-Fast Fashion Night, Slow Fashion Awareness Night.

Since 2014, over the last seven years, the topic of fast fashion has developed to become one of the most significant aspects of climate change and fast fashion was the main agenda item at COP26. For my final year for her degree Creative Industries and Visual Culture, Rose has put together a cultural project which will be an Anti-Fast Fashion Night. The event is to educate the population on how to shop more sustainably, which will support the hypothesis of Rose's cultural project which is that: “Buying sustainably is a simple economical way to help tackle climate change and eliminate illegal employment fashion production practices”.

Fast fashion – the production of cheap clothes which move quickly from runway to retail due to the increasing trends we see nowadays. To bring fast-paced clothes to the public at a rapid pace due to the sudden fast start of trends, such brands use toxins, harmful dyes, and synthetics. From the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911 to the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, fast fashion is a huge issue.

Rose plans to create a circuit of sections that will be divided into different segments/rooms based on fast fashion alternatives. Anti-Fast Fashion Night will examine the effect of 2 fast fashion, and most importantly my event will aim to guide the audience to shopping more sustainably within 3 ways which will be represented in the night.
Section 1) Preloved & Reloved Clothes
Section 2) Reworked Clothes
Section 3) Sustainable Designs

The goal of this event is to showcase a light-hearted experience with a lesson to be learned and hopefully followed by a change in the audiences’ opinions regarding fashion choice and purchasing behavior, as Rose gives different examples for alternatives to fast fashion.

Event Details
April the 27th Wednesday evening, hosted in Block T. There will be a DJ and all models have been arranged for the Pre/Reloved lookbook.

This section will be a lookbook of anti-fast fashion. This lookbook will show the alternatives of shopping fast fashion which is vintage and charity shops. The Preloved vintage section the fabulous Irish company, Folkster Vintage has agreed to sponsor this section. The idea from the start has been to approach local businesses and organizations to help make this fashion show truly special for the Irish community. Secondly, NCBI Crumlin has kindly agreed to sponsor the “Charity Shopping” section of the fashion show, by providing Rose with the clothes from their local shop in Crumlin.

For this section, skilled current and past Visual Merchandising students from TUDublin will represent passion and skill to rework their clothes, as they demonstrate their talents as they show how one can reuse old garments and make them into something new. Reworked genius craft pieces, such as remade clothes made from plastic and all long-term nonbiodegradable items displayed on mannequins.

Sustainable Design
This section will display the creative sustainable designs of Irish designer Sharon Sweeny. It was of utmost importance to included an Irish Designer whose brand is established around the proposition of items being made to order with limited supply to ensure only wanted clothing is created and loved. Sharon's brand is created around the fact that she has one-to-one relationships with her clients - which means the world to her. The pieces will be hung up simply by fishing wire and hung from the ceiling. Simple events like this can provide just the encouragement people need to continue to keep our community a sustainable one and can show our community how important the contributions of trying to decrease the rise of fast fashion.


Anti-Fast Fashion NightStudents at Anti-Fast Fashion NightAnti-Fast Fashion NightStudent model standing against a tree