Vote for TU Dublin in the People's Choice Awards

21 Jan, 2020

The Dublin School of Architecture at TU Dublin has been nominated for the Local Project Challenge People’s Choice Awards for the work staff and students are doing to transform the School's curricula and accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Education.

In November, the UN Secretary-General launched the Local Projects Challenge gallery at the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York. At this event, the Dublin School of Architecture Design Curricula for a Resilient 21st Century project was selected as a finalist from over 115 projects internationally as an exemplar accelerating the SDGs in Education. 

Inspired by the Climate Action Strike, students and academic staff of the Bachelor of Architecture programme convened to develop a five-year climate action plan to be implemented through a new curriculum where the focus on design projects is on climate change. Using the framework of the UN SDGs targets and indicators, a range of priorities and projects were identified, including a Climate Change Camp.

For one week in October, classes were suspended, and students from first to fifth year were split into ‘vertical’ teams to develop solutions addressing some of Dublin City’s most pressing climate challenges. For five nights and days, the students worked to create 21 unique proposals, some of which are being developed further with essential community and government partners such as the SEAI, the EPA, Waterways Ireland, the Heritage Council, the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government, Dublin City Parks Department, and Transport for Ireland.

For more information about this initiative, please visit the Dublin School of Architecture website.