students laughing outdoors east quad

Sometimes we might just need a friendly face or peer to chat through common issues students face.

Our peer supporters are trained in basic listening skills and provide social and emotional support to students and a confidential space to chat. Our peer supporters signed up to this role as they want to listen and support. They are warm, friendly and engaging young people who are there to listen. There is no issue too small to bring.

Our peer supporters will meet with students on an individual basis to listen, advise, refer and provide general support. They will also discuss concerns with members of the Student Counselling Staff and attend monthly supervision with the Student Counselling Staff to speak about their experiences as Peer Supporters.

Peer supporters are not trained counsellors – please sign up for counselling if you would like mental health support.

Please email for more information.

You might like to chat to one of our peer supporters around issues such as:

  • Setting into college
  • What is available on campus
  • Finding your way around the college
  • Adjusting to college life
  • Tips managing assignments or academic support
  • Work/Life balance
  • Tips for socialising in college or where to meet new friends
  • Practical advice for international students