Tallaght Campus

Like everyone else, students can experience problems which they find difficult to resolve by themselves. Settling/resettling into college, personal relationships, family issues, bereavement, low mood, shyness, academic pressures etc. may worry you.

It can be very helpful to deal with these issues before they become so big that they can affect your college life. It is also important to seek help in time. To help you the university provides a confidential Student Counselling Service.

Student Counselling Service
Is a professional, confidential and free service. The Service offers individual counselling. Individual counselling provides a safe and supportive environment where you can come and talk about any issue that is bothering you. There is plenty of information available from the counsellor on topics such as: assertiveness, self-esteem, relationship worries, low mood, anxiety and stress management.

How do I make an appointment?
If you have any questions about appointments or any general queries, you can contact the counselling service.

Other sources of help in the Institute include:

  • Academic Administration and Student Affairs Manager - (01) 220 7659
  • Sr Bernadette Purcell, Chaplain - (01) 220 7671
  • Orlagh Fleming, College Nurse - (01) 220 7749
  • Marie Kielty, Careers Officer - (01) 220 7714
  • SU Welfare Officer - welfare.tc@tudublinsu.ie

Out of hours supports:

Urgent or emergency issues:

  • If you are looking to make an urgent/emergency appointment with the Counselling Service please call our secretary at (086) 0820543.
  • If you are in an emergency situation, use the Emergency Services (Fire Brigade, Gardai/Police, and Ambulance) and phone 112 or 999.
  • You can find your nearest Accident and Emergency department or health service here: http://www.hse.ie/portal/eng/services/maps/