Student Support

Student Support

Students are at the heart of all that we do in TU Dublin and we want all of our students to succeed and have an enjoyable college experience. While academic progress is important, so too is our student health, happiness and well-being. We recognise that starting studies at university can be daunting at first but support is available to help you adjust. There is a range of services provided in Grangegorman to help.

Our student health centre provides a holistic approach to health, including on-campus healthcare and specialist clinics. Our service incorporates physical, psychological and social aspects of student health and health promotion. We provide a friendly, open-door, confidential service.

Our Student Counselling Service is available to support student with any problems or experience that affects their ability to concentrate on college work or to enjoy life as a student. A team of professional counselling pyschologists and psychotherapists is available in Grangegorman to support students who are experiencing personal and emotional difficulties, relationship and family problems and a range of other health challenges.

Going to university can be a challenging time, especially for students starting their college life. Our Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Team have lots of experience dealing with issues that can arise and are here to help. More information is available here.

Our Disability Support Team is committed to supporting students with disabilities and to ensure that any student with a disability is not at an educational disadvantage during their studies. We encourage any student with a physical, sensory or learning disability, medical or mental health condition, to register with us so suitable supports can be put in place.

As part of college work, students are required to submit written assignments, essays, projects, examinations, dissertations and theses. These require students to be able to present information, communicate ideas, develop and make an argument effectively. Defined as academic writing skills, these core competencies are viewed as a key indicator for success in college and our Academic Learning Support Team is here to help.

Maths can prove to be a challenge for some college students so we provide additional support for our students including help with specific topics and open drop-in tutorials that students may find helpful. More information is available here.

We recognise that some students may face financial difficulties during their time at college and a number of assistance schemes are in place to support such students. More detail on Financial Aid can be found here.

If you’re from outside Dublin one of the things you will need to consider is to find somewhere to live while you are studying with us at TU Dublin. You will find all the information you need on student accommodation and living costs here.